Your Customised Skin Solution

Your Skin Status = Pollution-affected

Your skin type is normal, combination or dry.  Your skin condition may include congested pores, dullness, occasional blemishes and/or premature ageing. It may feel like city living and modern stress takes a toll on how your skin looks - it lacks radiance and glow.

You may feel like regular cleansing isn’t doing enough for your skin, and you can still see or feel impurities. You are concerned about the impact your environment has on your skin ageing, and want to take preventative steps.

Your skin solution = protecting, shielding and purifying

Your skin needs thorough yet gentle cleansing and purifying. It needs a protective regime that will guard against environmental damage and premature ageing.

Your Daily Embrace Routine = Dust Lock

The Daily Embrace Routine is a global beauty revolution. It’s more than a beauty routine, it's a lifestyle for your skin. Grounded in Korean cutting-edge science and powerful natural ingredients, every step is designed to maximise the performance of the product that comes before and after it, to deliver your ultimate skincare results - for your best skin ever.

Ideal for skin subject to pollution and urban living, this purifying moisturising skincare range protects against environmental damage. It creates a protective film on the skin with purifying moringa extract, which repels pollution. For pure, radiant skin when modern life is harsh. The Dust Lock Daily Embrace Routine includes toner, essence, emulsion and cream.

Your double cleansing solution

Double cleansing is the best way to completely purify your skin and remove pollutants. 

Start with an emulsifying oil or balm to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and oily residue. Whether you choose the luxe Tea Time Cleansing Balm in Green Tea or Tea Time Cleansing Oil in Green Tea, you're treating your skin to antioxidant-rich green tea extract, which purifies skin and clears pores without a greasy residue.


Follow with a fresh foaming cleanser designed Nordic Fresh Cleansing Foam in Juniper Berry


Or if you prefer a super-quick option, you will love our Super Food Cleansing Water in Red Vital.  Simply sweep it over your face with a cotton pad - there's no need to rinse off. 

Your exfoliating solution

Everyday Peeling Pad in Charcoal Purifying

This double-duty peel works to exfoliate as well as deep cleanse impurities. Each gentle but effective peeling pad instantly reveals smoother, clearer skin skin. It exfoliates with AHAs and BHAs to soften skin and contains charcoal to purify.

Your mask solution

Purifying Clay Mask in Moisturising

Get all the skincare benefits of clay without any of the mess thanks to this handy sheet mask. This concentrated sheet mask uses the purifying and detoxifying properties of clay to deeply cleanse pores and improve hydration, for clear, soft skin. It’s a treat for your stressed skin.


Creamy Hydro Gel Mask in Juniper Berry

Treat your face to the luxe feel of a refreshing gel mask. This soothing gel mask gives skin an instant treat of rich hydration. It contains antioxidant-rich juniper berry, to promote nourished, calm skin, and delivers a potent dose of moisture. For calm, radiant skin.


Clean Up Power Mud Mask

Nothing beats the power of pure mud to reveal fresher, clearer skin.This intense cleansing mask contains mineral-rich Amazonian mud to absorb excess oil, purify skin and deeply cleanse pores. Helps to clarify skin and keep a healthy oil balance, for clear, trouble-free skin.