Your Customised Skin Solution

Your Skin Status = Sensitive & Reactive

Your skin type is most likely dry, but it can also be normal or oily.  Your skin condition may include redness, irritation, dry patches and rough texture. It may feel sore and uncomfortable when you are having a reaction.

You may feel like you are scared to try skincare products on your face, because you have had so many adverse reactions in the past. You may have stuck with bland, medicinal skincare for this reason, and avoided any special treatments or masks.

Your skin solution = soothing, calming and restoring the skin barrier

Your sensitive skin needs the mildest care, to soothe and calm any inflammation. Your skin needs gentle hydration and nourishment to help strengthen the skin barrier so your skin is less reactive in future. Once your skin is calmer, it can better absorb the benefits of a skincare routine.

Your Daily Embrace Routine = Cica Repair

The Daily Embrace Routine is a global beauty revolution. It’s more than a beauty routine, it's a lifestyle for your skin. Grounded in Korean cutting-edge science and powerful natural ingredients, every step is designed to maximise the performance of the product that comes before and after it, to deliver your ultimate skincare results - for your best skin ever.

Now you can treat sensitive skin to the full benefits of a skincare regime without the risk of irritation. This soothing skincare range contains centella asiatica, a natural extract to help calm sensitive skin, restore the skin barrier and improve texture. For a healthy, calm complexion. The Cica Repair Daily Embrace Routine includes mousse cleanser, toner, essence, emulsion and cream.

Your cleansing solution

Because your skin is so sensitive, the Cica Repair range has a mousse cleanser that’s specially formulated to be ultra-gentle on skin. It’s effective at ridding your skin of dirt and debris, but it’s also soothing and won’t strip your skin. It will leave your skin calm, soft and supple.

Your exfoliating solution

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may have avoided any exfoliating products, especially abrasive scrubs or strong peels.

But you don’t want your skin to miss out on the benefits of regular exfoliation, to bring out your most glowing complexion.

A great choice for you is Cotton Swab Spa in Mild, not only because it’s gentle but also because its unique swab applicator means you can apply it very specifically. If you have areas that are more sensitive, for example around the nose, you can simply avoid this area. This product also contains centella asiatica, an ingredient that calms skin and soothes inflammation. 

Always patch text on sensitive skin first.

Your mask solution

You may also have avoided masks because active treatments can cause a reaction in your sensitive skin. But masks specially formulated to calm and soothe are ideal for your skin – see our full range here.

Everyday Microfibre Cream Mask in Calming

This microfibre sheet mask perfectly coats the skin, for maximum absorption of soothing skincare ingredients. It contains an intense dose of propolis, to soothe and calm skin and add radiance.


Home Made Recipe Pack in Pear & Aloe

This innovative dual mask works on two different areas of the face for the most effective, targeted results. Pear extract gently moisturises the T-zone, while pear and aloe calm and soothe the U-zone.


Nordic Fresh Squeeze Mask in Xylitol

This sheet mask treatment based on natural extracts contains a concentrated dose of xylitol to calm and soothe sensitive skin.