Skincare Stories - Rachel


Name:  Rachel

Age: 30

Location: Detroit

Occupation: International Model

As a sleep deprived new mother and ex international model, I am my own worst critic when it comes to my fine lines and wrinkles. While my baby doesn’t judge me, it’s not fun looking in the mirror to be reminded by my lack-luster skin that I haven’t had a full night sleep since I was six months pregnant. Before starting my Forever Youth skin care routine, I was getting used seeing tired looking skin that had a greyish quality to it. This sounds dramatic but I have always had blemish free fresh-looking skin without having to put in much effort so it was quite a shock for me. After only a month of using Forever Youth, I have noticed a visible difference in my skin’s appearance. My lines are smaller, and my skin is smoother. Considering I’m a Botox enthusiast who hasn’t had a treatment in over 15 months this is a VERY welcome change. There’s nothing like looking in the mirror before I head to bed for the night and liking what I see; that is fresh, dewy, smooth looking skin.



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Take our easy quiz & reveal your ideal routine