Skincare Stories - Chelsy


Name:  Chelsy

Age: 24

Location: Salt Lake City

Occupation: International Student

I am always on the hunt for moisturizing and hydrating products to help soothe my sensitive and extra dry skin. I’ve struggled with spontaneous dry patches that appear unexpectedly and even the most promising moisturizing products didn’t seem to provide a lasting impact. I had results after just three days of using the Rojank nutri-oil skin care products. The products are gentle and mild yet deeply hydrating. It has the perfect balance of lightness while giving lasting hydration. Just after one week of using the products into my routine, my face felt more moisturized, uneven pigmentation on my skin was corrected and I even saw my dark circles brighten. I rarely use skin makeup on my face now because I love how dewy and glowy my face looks. Before I used to have to re-apply moisturizer on my face in the late afternoons but I haven’t needed to do that since I started using the Rojank products. If you struggle with dry skin, USE THESE PRODUCTS! It will be one of the most hydrating skin care products you will ever find/use!



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Take our easy quiz & reveal your ideal routine