Your Customised Skin Solution

Your skin status = Blemish-prone

Your skin type is oily or combination, and your skin condition includes frequent blemishes or breakouts, possibly with redness and irritation.

Whether your skin is oily all over, or just on the forehead, nose and chin, you often find excess shine an issue, especially towards the end of the day

You often suffer from blemishes or breakouts, and find it hard to keep your skin clear and balanced. If breakouts have continued for some time, you may also find redness and irritation is an issue. You may also suffer from blackheads and visible pores.

Your skin solution = balancing, purifying, pore-refining and soothing

Your oily skin needs deep cleansing and purifying. Its surface needs mattifying, to reduce excess shine. Your pores need refining so that blackheads are less visible. Your skin may also need soothing and calming, to reduce redness and irritation.

Your Daily Embrace Routine = Trouble Relief

The Daily Embrace Routine is a global beauty revolution. It’s more than a beauty routine, it's a lifestyle for your skin. Grounded in Korean cutting-edge science and powerful natural ingredients, every step is designed to maximise the performance of the product that comes before and after it, to deliver your ultimate skincare results - for your best skin ever.

Now you can treat blemish-prone skin to the full benefits of a skincare regime without the risk of causing breakouts. Trouble Relief is a refreshing skincare range that contains juniper berry oil to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars, plus calamine powder to calm skin and relieve redness. It rebalances your complexion to keep oil and blackheads at bay. The routine includes Trouble Relief toner, essence, emulsion, cream and spot treatment. Scroll down to see the full video.



Your double cleansing solution

Double cleansing is the best way to completely purify your skin and control excess oil. 

Start with an emulsifying oil or balm to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and oily residue. Whether you choose the luxe Tea Time Cleansing Balm in Green Tea or Tea Time Cleansing Oil in Green Tea, you're treating your skin to antioxidant-rich green tea extract, which purifies skin and clears pores without a greasy residue.





Follow with a fresh foaming cleanser designed for oily skin, to remove all additional debris from your skin and pores, leaving it fresh, smooth and refined. 

A great choice for you is Smart & Joy Cleansing Foam in Pimple. This has a whipped-cream texture that provides effective deep-cleaning of pores, plus salicylic acid to exfoliate skin and calamine extract to calm reddened skin. 

You will also love Nordic Fresh Cleansing Foam In Juniper Berry  This refreshing cleanser contains juniper berry extract to control oil and soothe your skin.







Or if you prefer a super-quick option, you will love our 

Super Food Cleansing Water in Green Healing. 

Simply sweep it over your face with a cotton pad - there's no need to rinse off. 




Your exfoliating solution

Blemish-prone skin needs TLC, so avoid grainy scrubs that can irritate your skin. Instead choose a non-abrasive exfoliator that's mild enough to use a few times a week. Everyday Peeling Pad in Purifying Charcoal is ideal because it also contains charcoal to deep cleanse and refine your skin.




Your mask solution

Deep-cleansing masks featuring pore-refining ingredients such as charcoal, clay, mud and bamboo are ideal to detoxify your skin, balance oil and keep blemishes at bay. Check out our collection of best masks for blemish-prone skin here. Whether you want a bubbling sheet mask or a soft mud mask, your skin will feel super clean and fresh!








Our specialised skin patches will be your secret weapon. Pimple emergency? You will love our innovative Trouble Patch to target blemishes. For an oily T-Zone, you'll swear by our Spot Solutions 3-Step Nose Pack.