Skin toner is one of the best beauty products you can possibly own, especially if you have a combination or sensitive skin type.  It isn’t easy to find good quality products when you have these skin types.  Most over the counter beauty products are for normal, oily or dry skin types which leave those with combination and sensitive facial skin types in quite a pickle.  Read More

Quality Toners for Combination and Sensitive Skin Types

Combination skin types are challenging to deal with because your face has a combination of oily and dry patches.  The forehead, nose, and chin are usually oily while cheeks can be relatively dry. Normal skin products just don’t work on these skins because it dries out certain parts of your face too much and still doesn’t help you deal with too much oil in other parts.

Sensitive skin types are the most challenging to live with by far because your skin will swell, become sore, break out or dry out whenever you use a product that is too harsh.

At Rojank we developed skincare toners for these unique skin types.  We have the best toner for combination skin that helps combat grease without drying out other parts of your face too much, and our toner for sensitive skin contains natural yet helpful products that won’t cause breakouts or inflammation.

Benefits of Using a Skin Toner

When you use the best skin toner you enjoy benefits such as the following;

Shrinks pores – Pore minimising toners remove oil and dirt from your pores and shrinks these tiny holes in your skin for a much smoother appearance and to prevent dirt and germs from entering and worsening the problem.

Hydrates your skin – The best hydrating toner will keep your skin from dehydrating and also enhances the elasticity of your skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Restore PH Balance – Your skin is normally acidic with a pH balance that ranges from 5 – 6.  But when your pH balance gets too high due to using alkaline soaps, you can start reacting poorly.  Toners help restore and maintain a healthy pH balance on your face.

Cleans your face – Skin toners also clears out your pores and removes greases, dirt, and germs from your skin. Your face becomes fully refreshed and clean.

Enhanced protection – The toner closes pores and tightens cell gaps that keep impurities from penetrating your skin to cause skin problems.

Prevents ingrown hairs – These toners can even prevent ingrowing hairs because the acid in these products has a sterilising effect.

How and When To Use A Skin Toner

It is best to use a good toner twice a day before moisturising but after cleansing your skin.  Using a toner couldn’t be easier.  All you need to do is to spread the liquid gently across your face and neck.  The product doesn’t have to be washed off and works perfectly underneath any moisturiser.

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