When Rojank was started, we wanted it to be much more than a simple K Beauty Brand. We wanted it to represent more than just another beauty product company; we wanted it to create a movement that helps every woman that uses our product to develop a philosophy and love when it comes to their skin care. Read More

Affordable Face Cleanser For Your Skin

We believe that every woman should have access to high-quality, effective skin care products and insights that will enable them to look after their skin to feel beautiful and confident. Our products are of incredible quality, but in order to ensure that everyday women like you and me can access them, we have kept our prices in the mid-low range.

The K Beauty philosophy

Rojank is an umbrella brand for K Beauty products and philosophies that provides an affordable and informative platform for Australian women to the best beauty products. K Beauty is named after the skincare routines of Korean women, who are known for their beautiful skin. For ages, the Western world has wondered what their secret ingredient is, and finally, we are here to tell it to you. The secret to young, vibrant skin is self-love and an excellent skincare routine.

The K Beauty routine, or embrace as we like to call it, incorporated up to 10 steps in each skin cleansing routine. These lengthy routines are thought of more as pampering and rewarding your skin, rather than a necessity that has to be done at the beginning and end of each day.

Our skin care embrace should include up to all of the following steps:

  • Oil cleanser
  • Foam/cream cleanser
  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Emulsion
  • Ampoule/Serum
  • Sheet Mask
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Double cleansing for best results

As you can see, there is a two-step cleanse at the beginning of this routine, and it’s imperative to find an affordable face cleanser if you want to add both to your routine. The first step involves an oil cleanser, and the purpose of this step is to wash away any dirt or makeup and other products like sunscreen, which really clog up pores. Have a look at our wonderful face cleanser for oily skin to find the right product for your regime.

The next cleansing step involves a foam or cream cleansing; this helps to take the grit and dirt that is surely still attached to your skin even after the oil cleanse. It’s so important that you double cleanse to ensure you get all the impurities off your face before the rest of the routine. Have a look at our foam face cleanser for dry skin to get some ideas of what’s good for this stage of your embrace.

Embrace your face with affordable beauty products

If you adjust your thinking when it comes to your skin care routine and treat it as a reward rather than a chore, then you will begin to enjoy the process much more; making it more likely you’ll stick to it.

Head over and take one of our online quizzes to find the perfect product or routine for you! Or simply keep browsing to get your hands on the market most affordable, high-end anti-ageing products now.

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