Nourishing Dry Skin Korean Sheet Mask 10pc Set

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Pack Includes:

  • Advanced Hydration Soothing Mineral Mud Sheet Mask / Pink Clay
  • Hydration Care Cocoon Silk Touch Wrapping Sheet Mask
  • Instant Glow Anti-Ageing Hydrogel Mask / Gold Gel
  • Instant Hydration Antioxidant Hydrogel Mask / Cloud Berry
  • Intense Moisturising Hand Treatment Mask
  • Luminous Intensive Treatment Foil Face Mask / Gold Combo
  • Nourishing 3-Step Home Facial Face Mask
  • Nourishing Deep Hydration Rubber Sheet Mask
  • Plumping Collagen Lip Mask
  • Rejuvenating Vitamin Infusion Treatment Face Mask / Vitamin C
  • Rose Gold Zipper Bubble Bag

Suitable for dry skin

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Product Description:

Creamy Hydro Gel - Cloud Berry (Moisturising)

Treat your face to the luxe feel of a soothing gel mask. This creamy gel mask gives skin an instant treat of rich hydration. It contains antioxidant-rich cloud berry, to promote luminous, supple skin, and delivers a potent dose of moisture. For translucent, radiant skin.

Instant Glow Gel - Gold (Nourishing)

Get that red-carpet, 12 hours sleep, green-juice, expensive facial glow, with this incredible two-step mask, which uses 11 actives, including an intense dose of GOLD to instantly rejuvenate your skin, while fighting and preventing the tell-tall signs of ageing - fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity and dull skin. Prepare for an instant glow!

Luxury medical grade hydro gel is a hydrating, cooling gel that holds 99% of liquid, allowing maximum hydration and absorption compared to a regular sheet mask.

This mask combines 11 of nature’s most powerful anti-aging, intensely hydrating active ingredients to keep your skin looking, acting and glowing like much younger skin.

Combo Foil - Gold (Firming)

This innovative foil mask makes your skin treatment twice as powerful. The gold foil outer stops the firming essence from evaporating, keeping it highly potent. The black paper inner side of the mask improves absorption of the firming essence. For radiant, firmer-looking skin. 

Rubber Lover (Nutrition)

The rubber mask helps the skin from losing moisture and improve the absorption of the nutrients. Argan oil provides nutrients to the skin for a soft skin tone and a healthy glow.

Purifying Clay – (Moisturising)

Get all the skincare benefits of clay without any of the mess thanks to this handy sheet mask. This concentrated sheet mask uses the purifying and detoxifying properties of clay to deeply cleanse pores and improve hydration, for clear, soft skin. A treat for dry skin.

Silk Touch Wrapping – Cocoon (Brightening)

Rich in silk this mask contents highly potent ingredients to help provide vitality, moisture and brightness to the skin. The thick fiber mask is tailored-made to improve the contour of the face for a firmer and more radiant complexion.

Hydro Lip Mask (Hydrating)

This targeted translucent skin patch treats the lip area to an intense dose of moisturising marine collagen, to help minimise the appearance of lip lines and plump up dry lips. Treat dry, lined lips to a fresher, rejuvenated look in minutes. 

Vitamin C Jelly Mask – (Brightening)

Our best-selling two-step mask treatment that visibly brightens your skin for the ultimate luminous glow. The gentle exfoliating pad uses AHAs and hero ingredient centella asiatica to prepare your skin to better absorb the intense skincare benefits of the mask. Next, the jelly sheet mask brightens, heals and hydrates skin for the ultimate luminosity. 

The mask contains two different water-soluble, non-irritating, stable derivatives of Vitamin C, that are highly effective at brightening skin tone - Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

Four key antioxidants help neutralise free radicals, moisturise and promote skin healing - Niacinamide (a powerhouse anti-ageing ingredient), Vitamin E & Vitamin B6 and Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract

Additional active ingredients are soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising, so the brightening actives do not cause irritation, even on sensitive skin. These are Centella Asiatica Extract (a superstar ingredient for soothing irritation), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract & Pantothenic acid.

Moist Hand Mask - (Moisturising)

This innovative hand mask fits like a glove and treats the hands with an intense dose of moisturising shea butter and argan oil, to deeply hydrate and smooth hands, and help reduce the appearance of lines and dry, dull skin. Treat dry hands to a fresher, rejuvenated look in minutes.              

3 Step Facial (Nutrition)

For the most advanced at-home facial, use this three-step system. First, the cotton swab exfoliates with AHA and BHA, for smooth skin that can better absorb the benefits of the mask. Next, the sheet mask, rich in argan oil, gives a concentrated dose of moisture and skin nutrition. Finally, the after care cream delivers a potent nourishing boost into skin. For smooth, nourished, glowing skin.

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