Affordable Anti Aging Night Cream

We all know that the best defence against aging skin is starting a protective and hydrating regime as early as possible. Too many of us don’t start taking our skin’s condition seriously until the effects of aging are already showing. That’s why Rojank decided to match the best of Korean innovation with sleek, modern design to create our contemporary brand for modern millennials. Read More

Give your skin a ‘good night’ with anti-aging night cream from Rojank

Founder of Rojank Australia, Sophie battled with skin imperfections and found herself negatively comparing herself with flawless, clear-skinned models on social media. Determined to help others learn to love and embrace their own skin, Sophie set out to bring her skin-saviour to the Australian market. Based on the most cutting-edge Korean science and using natural, paraben free, ingredients, Rojank transforms your skin woes into skin wows.

What’s the secret to K-Beauty?

If you’ve ever looked enviously at a Korean woman’s naturally wrinkle-free, youthful skin, don’t despair! There’s a very simple explanation for their natural anti-aging appearance, a daily routine that locks in moisture, restores natural plumpness and protects against damage.

Rather than waste time and money on a variety of lotions and potions that clash on your skin, Korean Beauty methods emphasise a holistic approach of balanced products that compliment your specific skin profile. That’s why at Rojank we match your skin with the right ingredients to create a skin routine fit for you, not someone else. Affordable skin care is achievable with our range of quality, bespoke products. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from oily, dry or combination skin, we’ve got your perfect match. Simply choose the specially formulated night cream for dry skin or night cream for oily skin that suits you best.

How do I find my perfect match?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your skin type our Rojank Skin Care Quiz will match you with the right night creams and routine for you.

If anti-aging is your goal, we have a range of super-hydrating and affordable night cream formulas that will keep you looking youthful, including:

  • Forever Youth

    A five-step routine that focuses on giving you an age-defying glow that leaves your friends green with envy. Harnessing the power of Pure Gold for anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, antioxidants, this collection gets to work on a cellular level. Losing your skin elasticity? Don’t worry – Forever Youth returns brightness, repairs damage and rejuvenates for an eternal glow.
  • Marine Collagen

    Innovative, effective and refreshing the nature inspired Marine Collagen collection minimises those pesky fine-lines, banishes the dreaded dark circles and sticks the boot to eye bags. For the fresh-faced look every day.
  • Cica Repair

    Ideal for those of us with more sensitive skin, the active ingredient Centella Asiatica is nicknamed an ‘elixir of life’. For the healing of delicate skin, Cica Repair promotes the production of collagen to combat premature aging.
  • Deep Moist

Our Deep Moist cream, part of Deep Moist Daily Routine, is all about sealing in moisture for that girlish glow. Made with Italian Casciana hot spring water this treatment is about ramping up that skin metabolism. Using sodium hyaluronate for powerful anti-aging properties, Deep Moist is about smooth, soft, plumper looking skin.

Take the 28 day Rojank Challenge

We are so confident that you will love your Rojank skin care routine, and your new found skin-confidence, that we put our money where our super-hydrated mouths are. Find your perfect match online today and enjoy 28 days of 100% satisfaction, or your money back. Go on, take a dive into deep hydration and purchase your personal Rojank perfect match.

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