Myth 1: You Are One Miracle Cream Away From Your Best Skin

November 06, 2019

Myth 1: You Are One Miracle Cream Away From Your Best Skin

Fact: Your Skin Is Unique and Needs A Customised Skincare Routine Matched To You And Your Environment

We’ve all heard it before.

Buy this amazing miracle cream and it will balance your skin, prevent blemishes, wind the clock back 10 years, make you look like a celebrity and a million other promises all through one magic bottle or jar. Incredibly, the promise is that it will not only do this for your skin, but for everyone’s skin!

However, while we may all want a similar result – balanced, glowing skin; the way to get this is different for everyone!

There is no one generic solution or cream that can work miracles for everyone’s skin.

Your skin needs a unique mix of nutrition and hydration based on its own distinctive make-up.

Your unique skin and its behaviour are determined by two main factors – active behaviour and reactive behaviour. Skin type is our skin’s active behaviour – it is consistent. Your skin type is predominately determined by genetics, ethnicity and hormones. It mostly stays stable throughout your life except for some fluctuations during peak times of biological development like puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Your skin type is defined by the amount of oil present on the skin and your skin’s natural behaviour. You cannot change your skin type, but with the right skincare, you can balance it.

Each skin type has different fundamental needs to bring it into balance, and this is why one miracle cream can’t work for everyone’s skin.

Your skin conditions are the skin’s reactive behaviour to changeable factors. They are temporary and can be treated. Skin conditions are caused by external stressors such as climate, pollution and products, as well as internal stressors such as hormones, stress and diet.

Skin conditions can sometimes be confused for skin types, and this is where you can wreak havoc on your skin!

For example, 98% of us suffer from dehydrated skin at some point, which is often confused with dry skin. However, when your skin is dehydrated, it lacks water-based hydration, not oil like dry skin does!

Skin conditions are your skin’s reactive behaviour, these can change as your external conditions change. For example, if you move countries or states and find yourself in a different climate, this can result in big changes in your skin’s reactive behaviour.

By combining your skin type (active behaviour) with skin conditions (reactive behaviour), you find your skin’s unique needs, and then you know how to bring it into balance and get your glow! Not the empty promise of a one magical miracle cream, but your own custom skin solution.

We have a super easy way to find out your skin type and skin conditions.

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