How does red wine benefit your skin?

March 01, 2019

How does red wine benefit your skin?

Many of us enjoy a relaxing glass of red wine, but did you know its also contains skin-boosting ingredients?

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. Resveratrol is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants work by minimising the production of damaging free radicals, so they are highly beneficial to skin. They are often a key component of any anti-ageing skincare product.

As well as having antioxidant benefits, the grape acids found in red wine are also alpha hydroxy acids, which help exfoliate and smooth away dead skin cells. So red wine packs a double punch of both antioxidant and exfoliating properties.

Get both these skin-boosting benefits with our Wine Peeling Spa range.

Peeling Pad contains wine extract plus a gentle beta hydroxy acid derived from beets. It also contains soothing centella asiatica. The dual-side pads are so handy to use.


Peeling Gel contains wine extract plus salicylic acid, which is ideal for exfoliating as well as clearing blemishes. This gel gently sloughs off dead skin cells by reacting with oil on your skin and forming clumps that easily buff off.

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