How do foil masks work?

February 26, 2019

How do foil masks work?

Rojank has an amazing range of microfibre, hydrogel, bubble and foil masks to take your skin to the next level. Let’s take a look at foil masks.

Sheet masks work by depositing a layer of potent essence onto your skin. But liquids exposed to air will always evaporate, so some of the amazing skincare ingredients are lost.

Korean beauty bloggers discovered a way to minimize this problem – they added a layer of aluminum foil on top of their sheet mask! Rojank’s Foil Wrapping Masks have this extra step built right in.

Our Foil Wrapping Masks (available in Combo Silver and Combo Gold) both have potent brightening and firming ingredients embedded in the smooth black layer, while the outer layer is made of foil, to ensure your skin absorbs an intense dose of the powerful ingredients.

As well as being ultra-effective, foil masks are warming. So while cooling hydrogel masks are ideal in summer, we’ll be treating ourselves to foil masks now it’s autumn.


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